WWE Wrestlemania 34: Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon Vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn Preview

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One of the matches with the longest storyline buildups for Wrestlemania 34 is Shane McMahon’s feud with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Now, with Daniel Bryan cleared to wrestle, he can join in the fight at Mania, which takes place at 7 PM ET 4 PM PT on April 8. This year’s event takes place in the Big Easy, New Orleans at the Superdome, and you can catch the action on PPV and live streaming through the WWE Network, with a Kickoff show starting two hours prior to the main card.

While Zayn and Owens have spent most of their time in WWE as enemies, they became united as they found a common enemy in Shane McMahon. Owens saved Zayn from McMahon’s death-defying dive at Hell in a Cell, and the two have been a pain in the Smackdown commissioner’s behind for months. However, Bryan always had their backs, as—like them—he’s an «indie guy.»

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Bryan found himself on the duo’s bad side after being cleared to wrestle in a WWE ring again. He needed to punish Zayn and Owens after their brutal attack on Shane. Bryan fired them and then found himself getting beaten to a pulp, including taking his first powerbomb in years. Now, Bryan finds himself in an alliance with McMahon, and if they beat Owens and Zayn, the two will be fired from Smackdown.

The tag team match, which will more than likely feature Shane McMahon jumping off something tall, will take place sometime during Wrestlemania 34, and we’re guessing it will be in the middle of the show. Make sure to come back here right after the match concludes as GameSpot will have a full recap.

Also, you can check out our live coverage of the event, which starts right when the Kickoff show does at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT.

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