We Absolutely Destroyed Far Cry 5’s Graphics And Made A Trippy Mess

Far Cry 5 has gotten accolades for its appearance, and for good reason. Its graphical fidelity is fantastic, and it features everything from gorgeous vistas to detailed homes and villages. But here at GameSpot, we think that it’s possible to make any game look awful.

This week on Potato Mode, we take a hatchet to Far Cry 5’s visuals and make it look like a cross between a horror movie and a PlayStation 1 game. Joey and Nick first turn down or off every visual option in the menus, showing what it’d look like if you wanted to run it on, say, a low-end laptop.

However, they’re not satisfied with that. Delving into its game files, they thoroughly wreck its graphics, turning it into a glitchy mess full of detextured polygons, dead eyes, and broken shadows. It’s a glorious disaster, and you can watch the whole video in the embed above.

You can watch a new episode of Potato Mode every Friday; last week featured Joey and Nick taking Sea of Thieves and turning it into a neon-green nightmare. Also be sure to check out our Far Cry 5 hub for tips, guides, and more on the different modes in the game.

Author: #GamesNews gamespot.com

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