The Witchwood spookifies Hearthstone next week with 135 new cards

Update, April 5: Hearthstone’s spooky new Witchwood expansion is set to launch on April 12.

Beware the darkened forests of The Witchwood next week, for Blizzard have confirmed the release date for Hearthstone’s ghastly expansion. April 12 will see the launch of expansion with 135 new cards, accompanying new mechanics, and a new single-player mode to kick off the Year of the Raven in style.

Here’s the full Witchwood card list so far.

hearthstone witchwood release date

You can still pre-order for a big chunk of bonus cards, with 70 packs in total. Either way, you’ll be able to log in after The Witchwood’s launch for three bonus card packs and a random Class legendary card all from the new set.

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