Some People Want Fortnite Banned For «Brainwashing» Loved Ones

Author: #GamesNews

It’s pretty well established at this point that Fortnite is popular—like, ridiculously popular. So popular that schools are having to ban it from class, and hip-hop artists and professional athletes are talking about it and playing it. But the hours and hours of gametime that some players are logging is creating a bit of a backlash to the game—and some people have banded together to try and resist it.

Frustrated with how engrossed their loved ones have become with Fortnite, hundreds of people have signed a petition simply titled, «Get rid of Fortnite.» Its mission is to ban the game so that significant others’ free time can be reclaimed.

As reported by the Washington Post (which, it should be said, is itself evident of Fortnite’s popularity), the petition has accumulated about 730 signatures at the time of this writing. Most express frustration that their loved ones are neglecting them in favor of the game; as Chloe DePalma wrote, «It’s taking over our boyfriends lives and brainwashing them.»

This petition is obviously meant in jest; Fortnite will in no way be banned, and it’s likely that the majority of petitioners know that. But it’s a testament to the Fortnite phenomenon that this petition has resonated with many people across social media. As for the anonymous creator of the petition, they updated the site with an explanation that it was started as a joke—and, recently, they’ve begun playing Fortnite and actually enjoy it.

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