SNES Classic Edition In Stock At Walmart, Best Buy

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The adorably tiny SNES Classic Edition is currently in stock on Walmart’s website, as well as at most Best Buy stores, for $80. It’s not available at Best Buy’s online store, but the website can tell you if a brick-and-mortar location near you has it in stock. Walmart’s site can also point you to a nearby store that has it available.

Although Nintendo promised it would keep making SNES Classic Editions into 2018, it’s still been a difficult piece of hardware to find on store shelves. Even so, it’s been a popular machine, with 4 million units sold by the end of December.

The SNES Classic Edition is a smaller version of the classic console that launched in the US in 1991. It comes with two full-sized wired controllers and 21 notable Super Nintendo games. Among the games are revered classics like Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan), Earthbound, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

In our review of the SNES Classic Edition, Michael Higham wrote, «[T]o have this lineup of iconic games in one place, in an easy, accessible, and convenient fashion makes the SNES Classic worth seeking out. If Nintendo’s looking to capitalize on 16-bit nostalgia, I’d say it did a damn fine job.»

If you’ve been hoping to find an SNES Classic Edition in stock, hurry over to the websites of Walmart or Best Buy to see if you can get one before they inevitably sell out.

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