PUBG’s New Map Feels A Bit Like Fortnite

Author: #GamesNews

PUBG’s new map, Savage, hit test servers earlier this week on PC, and offers players a different kind of battle royale gameplay. The map is 4 km x 4 km, smaller than the game’s existing maps, and promises a more close-quarters, faster combat experience. So what are our early impressions of Savage? Watch the video above to see what Jake and Nick have to say about Savage and how it stacks up against PUBG’s two existing maps.

While Savage is still in the testing phase and much of it isn’t finished, it’s clear the game offers you the chance to jump right into the action in the temple or resort areas. Here, you’ll get into a gunfight right away. Players can still opt to take a slower approach to the action, starting further out and slowly picking off other players as The Circle closes in. All-in-all, Savage seems to provide the shorter, more intense matches that PUBG has been promising, and feels more comparable to Fortnite that the game’s other two maps.

Codes to try Savage are currently no longer available, but developer PUBG Corp. is promising there are more on their way, so you can keep checking the beta site for your chance to play. There’s no indication when exactly the new map will go live for all players, just that we can expect it some time during 2018. It was originally only open for Solo play, but PUBG Corp. opened it up to Squads in the middle of the week.

In other PUBG news, the game’s developer recently unveiled a new War mode, which is essentially a ‘team deathmatch’ mode that brings more fast-paced gameplay. PUBG’s latest event mode has also begun—Tequila Sunrise pits players against each other in close quarter combat with shotguns and melee weapons as the weapons of choice.

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