New Overwatch Skin For Hanzo Is Very Dapper

Author: #GamesNews

Overwatch’s next event may be turning back time for its former self Blackwatch, but not all of them are turning to the dark side. Hanzo is one of the few taking a more cleaned up and formal approach with his event-exclusive skin.

Clad in a black and blue pinstripe suit and rolled up sleeves, the Scion Hanzo skin is more than just its dapper and domineering appearance. Scion refers to a descendant of a notable family—and the Shimada clan, to which both Hanzo and Genji belong, is just that.

This year’s spring event is similar to last year’s Uprising event, but instead of looking into Tracer’s first mission, this year’s Retribution mission travels eight years into the past as Blackwatch attempts to secure a member of the Talon organization in Venice. Check out all the lore details we know of as this year’s Archives event will feature a big story moment.

The Archives event will begin this coming Tuesday, April 10. While Scion Hanzo is the second skin to be revealed after Moira’s Blackwatch skin, we expect more to be revealed soon, as 60 new items have been confirmed. You can snag the new skins and cosmetics from this event, and last year’s Uprising event, until April 30.

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