Guild Wars 2 at PAX East: Fueling Community

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Currently, there’s no major expansion pack or other content bundle arriving in Tyria right now, so it stands to reason that Guild Wars 2 at PAX East would be about its community. Considering the game’s biggest feature on the floor was a photo-op, which let people ride on the back of a griffon mount (the discovery which drew many players together), the community is absolutely at the forefront of the minds of the developers. Or, as was said to me, “it is their game.”

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Part of making the game all about the players was, of course, the addition of sitting. When asked whether the team expected people to latch on to the ability to sit in chairs as deeply as they did, I received a very blunt “yes.” It’s a feature that has been asked for frequently and started as something of an April Fool’s joke that took a little more life of its own, which has happened with this game before.

As for the players of Guild Wars 2 that are focused on World vs World, I’m sorry to report that there still isn’t any ETA on when the planned adjustments to WvW are going to arrive. The devs are focused on introducing systems to balance World populations in order to lessen handholding in WvW. Hence, their focus is on the World Restructuring tech to ensure that matches are fair first. Right now, as they see it, getting that right is a higher priority.

For those invested in the game’s Living World, I did try to pry a few hints on what’s next. As expected, I didn’t get a full answer but it was mentioned that there were “enough clues” put down in the last chapter that players will perhaps be savvy enough to put together. They are working up to something big, of course, and the devs are pleased with the new character content and their narrative style.

As for fans of all stripes, they’re very likely going to see more community-driven events like the recent Friend/Ships campaign. While not exactly something that will be repeated on a regular basis, the devs have definitely noticed how much fans enjoyed things like Friend/Ships and are going to continue to foster their fanbase in that way. There was also reference back to the present the devs sent to the first player who discovered the griffon mount. This cycles right back to the mount photo-op, where the booth was handing out discount coupons to fans for merchandise purchases.

As was said during my time with the folks at ArenaNet, “we can’t do this without the fans.” In my first time interacting with the devs of Guild Wars 2, it’s pretty clear that they feel beholden to their players and are hoping to continue to make their game a place that is steered by their desires.

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