Fortnite skins: the best outfits, gliders, and emotes to spend your V-Bucks on

Author: #OnlineGames

What is the point in getting a Victory Royale if you don’t look equal parts ridiculous and fabulous for the showboating finale. This is exactly why there are heaps of Fortnite skins and cosmetic items to help you stand out from the rabble. But which are the best Fortnite skins? That may well be a matter of opinion, but as the Fortnite skins store only offers a small selection of skins at any given time, it helps to know which ones are worth snapping up when they come back into rotation.

Still working on that Victory Royale? Here are some Fortnite tips to help you on your way.

fortnite skins

As Epic have said they will not be bringing back Battle Pass reward Fortnite skins from previous seasons, you will not find the beloved Black Knight in the following list. However, seasonal Fortnite skins have been brought back on occasion, so we have listed a couple of our favourites in case they see a return. Cosmetics extend far beyond Fortnite skins, so at the bottom of this page you will also find a selection of the best Fortnite gliders and emotes to keep an eye out for in the store.

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