Fortnite PS4 Update Out Now [Update: Epic Investigating A Problem With Patch]

Author: #GamesNews

Update: Fortnite developer Epic Games has stated it is investigating an issue with the new patch—which is out now—that causes the update to weigh in at 10 GB. The company says this file size is «unexpected,» and they apologized for the inconvenience. Original story follows.

Fortnite is getting a new patch on PlayStation 4—but it’s not a big, feature-rich update. Instead, this patch will fix an unspecified crash issue occurring on Sony’s platform.

The patch will be released at midnight Pacific tonight, which is 3 AM ET / 8 AM BST / 5 PM AET. Thankfully, the servers are staying up as the patch is released; there will be no downtime. The update is specific to PS4, with no equivalent update coming to PC, Xbox One, or mobile since those platforms weren’t experiencing the problem the update fixes.

The last major update for Fortnite came out earlier this week. It added a bunch of content to both the game’s Battle Royale and Save the World modes, including a new limited-time event for the former called Sniper Shootout v2.

The patch also added the Guided Missile for Battle Royale and an Easter-themed quest line for the paid Save the World mode. It also marks the start of a new set of weekly challenges for Battle Pass owners.

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