Fortnite PS4 Patch Coming Soon, Here’s What It Does

Fortnite is getting a new patch on PlayStation 4—but it’s not a big, feature-rich update. Instead, this patch will fix an unspecified crash issue occurring on Sony’s platform.

The patch will be released at midnight Pacific tonight, which is 3 AM Eastern. Thankfully, the servers are staying up as the patch is released; there will be no downtime.

The last major update for Fortnite came out earlier this week. It added a bunch of content to both the game’s Battle Royale and Save the World modes, including a new limited-time event for the former called Sniper Shootout v2.

The patch also added the Guided Missile for Battle Royale and an Easter-themed quest line for the paid Save the World mode. It also marks the start of a new set of weekly challenges for Battle Pass owners.

Author: #GamesNews

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