Destiny 2 Dev Gets A Visit From The Governor Of Washington

Author: #GamesNews

Bungie, the creator of the Halo and Destiny franchises, is one of the many big-name studios located in Washington State. The studio got a special visit from Governor Jay Inslee today, who stopped by the office for a tour. In images shared by the politician, you can see him visiting with Bungie community lead David Dague. In one image, Inslee is having a look at a Fallen Captain, while another shows the Governor in what appears to be a mo-cap studio.

«I’m not sure whether Governor outranks a Fallen Captain, but I want to thank Bungie for having me in today,» Inslee wrote on Twitter. «They’re one of our state’s leaders in the gaming industry.»

It’s not immediately clear why Inslee visited Bungie’s office or if he also spent time with other area studios like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Valve.

Whatever you think of politics, it’s cool to see a state leader as important as Inslee spending time on the ground speaking to and in theory trying to understand video games. This is an especially important matter today, as video games are seemingly coming under increased scrutiny from politicians and lawmakers.

Inslee established Washington’s Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness, a group that works to recruit companies to come to Washington and to grow and support the ones already there.

In other news, Bungie recently discussed some of the changes coming to the Sturm and Drang Exotic weapons. The Exotic weapons changes are currently scheduled for release in an update that’ll come when Destiny 2’s Season 3 begins. Update 1.2.0 will include with a Prestige Mode for Eater of Worlds, seasonal Crucible rankings, private matches, more Vault space, Exotic Masterworks, and more. It’s slated for launch in May.

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