Crossout Battle Royale Mode Now Available

It was said in last week’s MMO Money column that we would be seeing more Battle Royale in the future. Well, it looks like the future is here. Gaijin Entertainment has announced a Crossout Battle Royale mode which is now available.

32 players face off on a new map called Blood Rocks in which they need to find equipment and weapons for their starting vehicle. As soon as a weapon is picked up it is equipped and the starting vehicle can support up to two firearms, one melee weapon, and one auxiliary module. Modules can be swapped out at any time. The buggies used in the battle royale are stronger than those usually found in Crossout. As a result, players can’t shoot the wheels and the vehicle must be completely destroyed in order to be neutralized. Chainsaws, rocket launchers, and cloaking devices are only the beginning of the weapons and equipment you’ll be able to find in the Crossout Battle Royale mode.

One minute after the battle begins special cargo will appear that hold the most powerful guns. But of course, you won’t be alone going after it so it is a risky proposition. If you’re successful though you’ll be very powerful.

Blood Rocks is the largest map that has been added to Crossout to date. It’s 16 times larger than the average PvP map available in the game. It features networks of caves, ruined buildings, and plenty of places to hide. Players will start out in random locations on the map. A massive sandstorm is constantly shrinking the map and any vehicle caught in it is destroyed in seconds. Extra supplies of ammo, repair kits, and other items can be found scattered throughout the map.

There is also a warning that the Crossout Battle Royale mode is intended to be played solo. Any attempts to group up will be monitored and punished. It isn’t all bad news though, players looking to do Battle Royale as a group will be able to in the future in a separate queue.


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