Call of Duty: WW2’s memory error has randomly booted players from matches for months

Author: #OnlineGames

Call of Duty: WWII has been the most popular title the venerable series has seen in ages, but a specific error has cropped up in recent months to put an end to everybody’s good times. It’s on every platform, across a variety of modes, and nobody seems to know what’s causing it.

These are the best WW2 games on PC.

call of duty ww2 memory error fix

On seemingly random occasions, the screen goes black, the game reloads, and then players are presented with a “Memory Error” message followed by a short numeric code. As Kotaku have noted, it’s been showing up most frequently in Operation Neptune, but no corner of the game appears to be entirely safe. Errors have shown up in War, zombies, and according to a few reports even HQ.

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