A Way Out Director Working On New Game

Author: #GamesNews gamespot.com

A Way Out is barely a week old, but game director Josef Fares has already started on his next project. The outspoken developer said in a tweet on April 5 that it was officially the first day of breaking ground on his next game. «Today is officially the start of the next game and I’m INCREDIBLY exited!!!!!! I love making videogames and can’t wait to show it!» he said. That’s a lot of exclamation points.

Naturally, with work just starting on the game, he didn’t give much indication of what exactly it will be. So far, though, Fares’s games have heavily used dual perspectives as the narrative hook. First in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, one player controlled both boys simultaneously with each control stick. Similarly, A Way Out can only be played cooperatively. That seems to be a design curiosity for Fares, so it wouldn’t be surprising if his next game follows suit.

With the cooperative play a key element of A Way Out, though, Hazelight and EA kept the barrier to entry from being too high by only requiring one copy. Fares estimated that the full experience will last 6-8 hours. In GameSpot’s A Way Out review, Oscar Dayus lamented the tonal inconsistency but still found the co-op experience worthwhile. You can check out a broader range of reviews for more.

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